Language Testing Services for Government (SIN 382 III)

As a full-service language company, ALTA goes Beyond Words™ to provide a comprehensive set of language testing services to meet the needs of your agency. In business for more than 30 years, it’s been our privilege to work with most of the Fortune 500 and many government agencies. Click on Free Quote to contact one of our government representatives.

Our Language Testing Best Values are:

  • Experience: We have been providing language assessments since 1997.
  • Clients: We provide language testing services to clients across a wide variety of industries, including civilian, military, and federal agencies.
  • Range: We provide speaking, written, reading, and combined reading/written assessments in more than 70 languages on the GSA Schedule.
  • Process: We provide results across the full range of language proficiency. Results can be reported on the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) scale or ALTA’s twelve-level scale.
  • Evaluators: We use native speakers of the tested language who are trained extensively in ALTA’s testing methodology.
  • Quality Control: We have an ongoing QC process involving independent sampling of test scores to ensure reliable results.
  • Flexibility: We can customize language tests specific to your agency and industry.
  • Price: Our prices per test are very competitive compared to other GSA vendors.
  • Turnaround: Most test results take 1-2 business days to assess.
  • Accuracy: In the event a test score is disputed, we will initiate an independent review to resolve any discrepancies at no charge to you.