Encounter Forms

Encounter Forms

Download your encounter forms below:

ALTA Language Services

Northside Hospital

Northside is pleased to now give interpreters the opportunity to text them when checking in and out instead of calling. Northside staff will still be available by phone as usual if the interpreters have any special needs beyond checking in and out. Please see the details on the log sheet as to what would be the preferred method of communication for different situations. Please, do not text if you are driving. Please note: interpreters that are on the Atlanta campus are still expected to check in and out in person in the Northside office.

  • ALTA Northside Encounter Form (To be completed for all Northside assignments) Download
  • Northside Agency Interpreter Guidelines Agreement - (To be completed for all Northside assignments) Download
  • Northside FASP Encounter Form (To be completed only for Northside FASP assignments) Download

Emory Healthcare

  • Emory EMITS Service Log (To be completed for all Emory assignments) Download

For your reference: Sample Completed EMITS Service Log Download