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Accent Reduction Training Programs

Accent reduction is the process of modifying a person’s pronunciation so their speech is more easily understood by native speakers. At ALTA, our team of trained accent reduction coaches teach you to speak in a neutral American English accent (also known as “broadcaster English”, which is most commonly used in business English conversations) with vowel and consonant pronunciation training, proper syllable and word stress exercises, and intonation, rhythm and pitch training. We pair you with a dedicated teacher, specialized in the areas you want to improve, to ensure that you get the most benefits out of the program.

Where can I take the class?

  • Online Classes: We offer online Accent Reduction coaching so you can access one-on-one live training with your teacher from any computer or mobile device through WebEx, the leader in web conferencing. PC users can also record their sessions for later review. (Sorry, this feature is not available for Mac users!)
  • In-Person: For corporate clients committing to a set number of programs, we also offer in-person accent reduction classes at our training center in Atlanta, GA.

We’re honored to have empowered individuals and corporate teams through our training services. Learn more about the successes of our Accent Reduction clients.

ALTA’s Accent Reduction Courses

We offer private instruction, corporate training, and self-study programs to improve your accent. Have a look at our training programs and choose the program that best suits your needs.

Private Instruction

Private Instruction

With this accent reduction course, clients receive the full package of ALTA Accent Reduction materials with hundreds of practice recordings and exercises, plus 10 one-hour online sessions with an ALTA Trainer through WebEx.

Learn More About Accent Reduction Private Instruction

Accent Reduction Assessment

Accent Reduction Assessment

Find out what your main problem areas are with our detailed assessment that evaluates your pronunciation of all 88 English-American phonemes, intonation, and speech speed.

Learn More About Accent Reduction Assessments

Self-Guided Stud

Self-Guided Study

This accent reduction course is the perfect choice for an individual who prefers to work to improve his or her accent independently with an initial assessment, a thorough study guide, access to ALTA’s online resources, and a final assessment.

Learn More About Our Self-Guided Studies

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Corporate Training for Specific Jobs

ALTA offers Accent Reduction programs for specific job functions including call-center agents, programmers and software developers, back-office processing personnel, and medical professionals. Our corporate Accent Reduction courses are perfect for any company that requires employee group training or other similar language services.

Learn more: Accent Reduction Corporate Programs

Train Anywhere!

ALTA offers private online Accent Reduction training programs through WebEx. Train from the comfort of your home, or even from your mobile device with our online classes! All you need to improve your accent is a headset, and ALTA’s trainers can reach you anywhere in the world. Learn More

Individual Programs

ALTA’s one-on-one programs are available online or in a classroom setting through an ALTA-Certified Accent Reduction coach to help you overcome the fear of being misunderstood, prepare for job interviews, and deliver presentations effectively.

Learn more: Accent Reduction for Individuals

Free Resources

Once registered, you have access to hundreds of practice recordings and lessons in our online resources section of the website. You can start taking advantage of some FREE resources we have available for you right now.

Accent Reduction Testimonials

From professional software engineers to call-center agents around the globe, see the diverse nature of our clients and read some of their comments about our Accent Reduction courses here.

Quality Control Process

ALTA follows a stringent Quality Control Process to continuously enhance the quality of our Accent Reduction experts, materials, methodology and programs and foreign language services. Learn more

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FAQs – Accent Reduction Services

Read answers to questions that our individual and corporate students frequently ask about our Accent Reduction prices, programs, scheduling, trainers, and centers.

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