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If your organization has a large number of people to train in Accent Reduction, ALTA’s Train-the-Trainer Program is a cost-effective way of creating an internal training capability. An ALTA-Certified Teacher will train your trainers to teach American Accent Reduction using ALTA methods and materials. The program results in your trainers becoming Certified-ALTA Accent Reduction Trainers. You also are authorized to copy and use ALTA materials in your internal training. ALTA provides continuing support for assessments and online materials.

Define the Accent

For this step, we will define the employees’ accent to isolate the specific accent areas for a speaker from this region and weights performance according to sound frequency values.

Define the Materials

Based on the assessments, customized training materials will be created. These materials will focus on specific pronunciation, intonation, and word stress areas defined in Step 1. A teacher’s manual will also accompany the materials.

Analyze Representative Documentation and/or Scripts

To the extent possible, ALTA will collect and analyze materials such as scripts, actual recordings, etc. to identify the specific terminology used in the employees’ positions to incorporate such terminology into the training materials. Examples include common names, common cities, billing terminology, service terminology, etc.

Define the Online Support Materials

ALTA will create appropriate online materials for student practice during and after the corporate language program. Exercises include listening exercises, word lists, etc.

Deliver the Training

One ALTA trainer will deliver the 5-day training, online over WebEx, to consist of accent reduction for the selected trainer/ trainers (max 4 trainers), instruction of materials/methods to selected trainers, and supervision/support of group or individual instruction to employees (max 2 employees per trainer) taught by selected accent reduction trainers.

Each trainer and employee selected for the supervision/support of group or individual instruction needs to have a computer, with web cam, microphone and speakers, as well as a fast internet connection.

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