Individual Accent Reduction

Language Training Individual Accent Reduction

If your accent affects how well you communicate in English, ALTA’s Accent Reduction programs are designed to help you. People take ALTA’s Accent Reduction Programs to:

  • Be understood clearly over the phone.
  • Boost confidence when meeting people.
  • Prepare for job interviews.
  • Deliver presentations more effectively.

Services Available

  • Accent Reduction Assessment: Find out what your main problem areas are with the American English accent. Learn More
  • Self-Guided Study: The perfect choice for individuals who prefer to work to improve their accent independently. Learn More
  • Accent Reduction Private Instruction: ALTA-Certified Trainers offer you the convenience of working with an Accent Reduction coach through WebEx. You can connect to your trainer from your office computer, your home computer, your laptop, as well as most mobile devices. Learn More

Programs for Corporations are also available.

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