Quality Control

Accent Reduction Quality Control Process

A stringent Quality Control Process has been devised to continuously enhance the quality of our accent reduction training programs:

ALTA Trainers

  1. All of our trainers and accent reduction specialists meet or exceed the minimum selection criteria in terms of education and past experience. Each trainer and accent reduction specialist undergoes training on ALTA materials and methodology so that the highest quality assurance may be maintained. ALTA has a well-defined process for certifying trainers and accent reduction specialists.
  2. Our accent reduction specialists must demonstrate that they are experienced in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL).
  3. Our accent reduction specialists are tested to demonstrate that they have the Standard American Accent.
  4. Accent reduction candidate trainers who pass the accent test receive training in how to teach Accent Reduction using ALTA’s methods and materials. Included in this is demonstrating understanding of how to teach pronunciation, intonation and word stress.
  5. Finally, the accent reduction candidate trainers must pass live training exercises in which the trainers demonstrate that they can actually teach the lessons.

Once a candidate language trainer or accent reduction trainer completes all the ALTA train the trainer steps, he/she is recognized as an ALTA-Certified Accent Reduction Specialist or an ALTA-Certified Trainer. Certification is valid for three years.

Progress Evaluation and Feedback

Throughout our programs face-to-face, live WebEx online training or over the phone, the student is evaluated on his or her progress. The ALTA-Certified Accent Reduction Specialist or Trainer constantly monitors the student’s performance and ensures a concept is grasped before moving on to the next concept. This, along with the constant monitoring of progress, ensures that the trainees are making progress in the program and are on their way to reaching program goals. Attendance reports can be issued at any time upon request.

Depending on the length of the training, feedback forms are given to trainees at least at the middle and at the end the program and discussed with the Director of the center.

Quality of Delivery

Quality of instruction is ensured by periodic observation of classes (minimum twice per year) conducted by the Pedagogical Director, either at the center, online through WebEx, or over the phone. Each observation is followed by a one-on-one follow-up session with the Pedagogical Director monitored to address specific issues that arose during observation. Following the observation and the individual follow-up sessions with the trainers, the Pedagogical Director diagnoses particular teaching/learning difficulties and organizes group training sessions with the trainers to provide specific recommendations on critical issues. Topics for ongoing training are typically addressed by workshops or sessions offered by the Pedagogical Director. Group training is also held to introduce new materials, refresh the staff on the method and provide sustainable and continuous professional support to the team. In some cases, presentations are planned in response to specific issues, such as development of learning styles and strategies, extra activities in class lesson planning using a variety of multi-media resources, etc. The whole process helps the trainers and the clients by maintaining the superior accent reduction training program quality that is expected.

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