ALTA Language Training Delivery

Every ALTA Language Training Program begins with a proposal defining the details of the Program including location, content, materials, methods, schedule, fees and results. We guarantee that 75% of the participants in our Group Programs, or the individual learner attending our One-on-One training, will reach the target performance level in the specified time.

We test each participant at the beginning, during, and at the end of the program using our language testing technology. If 75% of the participants in our Group Program, or the individual learner attending our One-on-One training, have not met the agreed upon performance level, we provide additional training at our cost until the performance level is achieved.

You know the deliverables before you start.

Program Location Options

  1. Live Online Training — We can provide One-on-One or Group language training with a trainer through WebEx.
  2. Your Facility or Facilities — We will provide on-site trainers either from our home location or we will hire and train competent, local trainers to deliver your program on-site. We are used to working with client production and work schedules.
  3. The ALTA Training Center — Our Training Center can handle individuals to multiple groups of twenty. We can provide housing alternatives from hotels within walking distance to home-stays.

Program Materials

Customized materials are designed prior to the program as part of our Program Development Process. Language training program materials usually consist of a training manual for each student with possible supplemental support materials such as online lessons, daily email lessons, customized terminology, audio tapes or CDs and visual aids.

Program Methods

All Training is customized. The training program method for oral training is either the Direct or Audio-Lingual Method. Programs that include reading or writing use appropriate training methods for those skills

Program Management

All Training Programs have a Program Director whose responsibility is to deliver the results you expect. Larger Programs often have a Program Team including a Program Director, Language Director and Scheduling Director. The Program Trainers report to the Program Director. What this means is that you have a decision-maker to make the program work, to discuss details and to adjust to unexpected changes. We can provide considerable detail in terms of scheduling and participant performance.

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