Language Training Program Design

ALTA can help you identify your language training needs and the options that are available for meeting those needs. We also can complete a financial analysis that identifies the full costs, including program fees, your employees’ labor and travel, and we can quantify the expected benefits such as increased productivity, more sales, and fewer mistakes.

Implementing an organizational Language Training Program requires three critical initial actions:

  • Selecting the best option for providing the Training.
  • Verifying that the cost-benefit analysis shows that the Training is worthwhile
  • Putting in place viable measures of performance.

Identifying Training Options

Language training consumes your organization’s money and your employees’ time. You need to be sure that it fits your strategy and gives you financial or tactical advantages. ALTA will work with you to identify your language training needs. We will advise you of the language training program procedures available with the advantages and limitations of each.

Completing a Cost-Benefit Analysis

We can identify the entire cost of each option including not only the direct fees for the training, but also employee pay, travel costs and your administrative costs. Included is a timeline for completing all training.

We also work with you to quantify the benefits, such as increased productivity, more idea generation, higher sales, etc. If the cost-benefit analysis does not result in a clear economic or strategic advantage for you, why spend your resources.

Performance Measures

Often the expected benefits of language training cannot be measured until well after the training is completed. Measures such as productivity improvement or reduced accidents are important, but are not the only measures of success. We will work with you to identify earlier indicators of success. These may be indicators like employee progress or employee feedback.

Process Management

number of ALTA people are usually involved in the Design Process including Sales and Marketing, Project Management and the Program Director. This Team gives you the expertise and insight to design what you need.

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