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ALTA has entered into a cooperative arrangement with Communication Disorders Technology, Inc., a leader in the development of computer-based speech training systems for persons with hearing impairment and for students of English as a second language. Through this arrangement, if you are receiving English language training from ALTA, you can receive special pricing for Speech Perception Training from CDT. Here are the details:

Purchase licenses for SPATS-ESL Speech Perception Training Software at a discounted rate — a 30% reduction below the cost to the general public of $150 per year.

Take part in an important language acquisition study. Purchasers of SPATS-ESL who take advantage of this special ALTA discount are asked to allow ALTA and CDT to analyze their training performance (anonymously), for purposes of better understanding the association between improving skills in speech perception and production. Previous research at CDT has shown that as a result of 15-35 hours of training on the SPATS-ESL system, persons learning English as a second language can achieve the recognition of the fundamental sounds of English, and of words in sentences spoken at normal speeds, that are close to or as high as the scores of native speakers of English.

More Information

For more information on CDT’s Speech Perception Training Software, visit their site: SPATS – ESL.

Read more about Speech Perception Software on ALTA’s blog:
Speech Perception: Overcoming a Hidden Obstacle for Language Learners.

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