Birth Certificate Translation

Birth Certificate Translation

ALTA offers professional document translation services to meet all of your translation needs. Regardless of the type of document you need translated or the languages involved, ALTA can help. Language solutions and translation services are available in over a hundred different languages. Our professional translators are experts in a wide array of different subject areas and, wherever possible, are matched with projects that most closely fit their expertise. We as a company recognize that our customers all have different needs, and as such, ALTA welcomes projects of all sizes. If you have personal documents that need to be translated, we’re well versed in that type of service.

Birth certificate translation services are only available for corporate clients. ALTA has extensive experience in handling thousands of birth certificate translations used for immigration and other official purposes. ALTA offers document certification and notarization at no additional cost and we’re experts in preparing birth certificate translations that will satisfy the stringent requirements associated with the immigration process.

Professionals and students often find themselves needing birth certificate translation services. Foreign exchange students, college students studying abroad, individuals marrying foreign nationals, and professionals performing their duties in other countries also frequently need to have certified translations of these documents. If you are looking for someone to translate birth certificates or any other type of document, let ALTA do the job.

Due to the type of services we provide, ALTA is aware of the need for confidentiality. You can be assured that all documents translated by our company will be handled with the highest level of security. We adhere strictly to the Safe Harbor Agreement. The security and safety of your data is of the utmost importance to us.

A free cost estimate can be requested for all translation services by filling out our online form. We will quickly give you an estimated cost for the work you need done. Our company has been providing translation services for 30 years and we are among the best in the business. Our translators provide services for a long list of Fortune 500 companies and other well-known companies and government agencies.

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