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ALTA English Proofreading Services

Although proofreading is often a service we provide in conjunction with translation, ALTA also offers a la carte proofreading services in any language, including English proofreading services. We provide English proofreading for a number of reasons – perhaps your content was authored by someone who isn’t a native English speaker, perhaps you had the translations done internally and need help, or perhaps this is content that was produced by an English speaker but requires a second pass. We provide English proofreading services for all your communication needs. We can also edit U.S. English into U.K. English (and the other way around). Try our services today to ensure that your documents are written in correct English, and that your messages are conveyed in the proper way.

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The Importance of Proofreading

Proofreading is essential in all personal and business correspondence. Small mistakes in written language can give readers a negative impression. Proofreading means you’re taking your material seriously and that you are respecting your readers’ time.

English Proofreading

It is especially important for English proofreading to be done well, as English has become one the main languages used in business, medicine, and the arts. English is a language with many rules that non-native speakers may find confusing and difficult to master. Our online English proofreading services cater directly to you, regardless of your industry. Our employees excel at English proofreading, and no job is too personal or professional for our language solutions services. Once we’ve completed your proofreading project, we are also capable of translating your proofread materials into more than 100 languages with our document translation services.

Business Documents

Proofreading business documents is necessary for individuals and businesses that need to convey commerce particulars in a clear way. Incorrect proofreading of contracts for businesses can be detrimental because incorrect grammar or punctuation can result in huge losses for a company. At ALTA, we assign employees who are specifically trained to proofread business documents as well as experienced in translating business documents. You can be sure they will provide you with an English proofreading service that is second to none.

Literary Documents

Organizations communicating with clients or the public can benefit from our proofreading services. Conveying messages accurately is imperative for announcements from government organizations and companies promoting products or services. Text errors can damage the public’s opinion of your organization and may jeopardize longstanding reputations. Should an individual author want to reach an international audience, he or she would also want to utilize our translation and proofreading services. To proofread English, in this sense, is to ensure that the author’s original vision remains intact. We offer English proofreading services for authors so that they can rest easy knowing that their works are ready to go to the press. We also have employees that can be reached online for immediate attention to your literary work.


If you’ve found yourself corresponding in English with an associate, you may have questions about your letters’ grammar, punctuation, or style. Conveying a message correctly is at the heart of great communication, and ALTA wants to ensure that you are able to represent your ideas as accurately as possible. We can proofread English for non-native speakers, and we can also translate your communication into a number of foreign languages. We will make sure that your message contains all the nuances you intended.

ALTA understands your need for an English proofreading service. We’re here to help you make sure that your business, literary, and personal correspondence is written in appropriate and correct English. We know you need all of your materials to communicate your messages accurately. For non-native English speakers, online English proofreading services will be particularly helpful. Our online English proofreading services will polish and perfect your written words. Contact us today for a quote.

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