French Translation for Human Resources

Professional French Translation for Human Resources

ALTA Language Services has been providing accurate, professional French translations for Human Resources world-wide for more than three decades. When it comes to company policy and employee handbooks, accuracy is key – even the slightest mistake could be a costly error, both in financial loss and in reputation. Whether you are interested in translating human resources material for employees working abroad, or for a concentrated group of employees in your own country, ALTA Language Services can provide a fast, reliable and professional French translation.

Why choose ALTA’s French Translation for Human Resources?

  • French Translation for Human Resources that goes Beyond Words®: ALTA will not only translate your document – we can also return the document to you in the graphic presentation of your choice. Whether your document is a straight-forward Microsoft Word document, or an InDesign or Quark file with multiple design elements, we can handle it.
  • Detailed project management: In addition to translators, editors and typesetters that may work on your project, every translation will be handled by an experienced project manager, who will analyze your documents and identify any potential issues before the translation process begins. Perhaps your document contains embedded images that can’t be edited, or uses U.S.-based terminology, examples or idioms that won’t make sense in the target language. ALTA will identify these issues and work with you to localize your content accurately and appropriately.
  • ALTA saves you money with translation memory tools: You may have a group of several documents, with a significant amount of repeat text spread out among them. ALTA has the tools to analyze your text, discover repeated terminology, and discount the cost of your translation based on this text. (Note – ALTA does not use machine translations. Memory tools are used to identify repeat text, but a machine will never be responsible for translating your text).
  • Experienced and accurate French Translators: Simply put, machine translations often just don’t work. At ALTA, we understand that even the slightest mistake in a translation can yield disastrous results. For example, switching the order of two words – a drug-free workplace, or a free drug workplace – can have devastating effects in English. ALTA uses experienced, reliable translators, and also offers editing and proofreading services.
  • Free, fast quotes: Fill out the quote form above and an ALTA Project Manager will be in touch with you shortly to discuss the details of your translation. Quotes are always free, and there is no obligation to proceed with translation based on your estimate.

French Translation for Human Resources, A Real World Scenario

Your company has opened its first office in Canada. While there are many English speakers in Canada, a large portion of the workers in your new office speak French. You know you need to provide a French version of these manuals. Do they speak the same French they speak in France? Can’t you just find someone you know who speaks French and get a translation? If you hire someone to do the translation, how do you know that the translation is accurate?

At ALTA, we understand that translations can be scary. You’re putting your faith in someone else to delivery quality, because you can’t easily analyze the results yourself. We will work with you to provide whatever translation and editing services your company requires, and we will also stand behind our translation. We encourage our clients to perform in-country reviews of the translation, and we also offer separate editing services to provide independent reviews of our translations – using an entirely different linguist – to put your mind at ease.

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When you send a completed free quote form, or call us, we will begin helping you define the best way to get your project done on time and on budget. Project quotations are always free. Call 800.895.8210 for a free quotation, or fill out the form above and we will provide a quote for you today.

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