Legal Document Translation

Legal translations are among the most demanding segment of the translation business, requiring an extremely high level of accuracy, precision, and attention to detail. When money and property are involved, even the slightest mistake in a translated legal document can have serious consequences. Our legal translators are specialists skilled in translating legal text with eloquence and accuracy. Unlike many translation agencies, ALTA always uses legal specialists to translate legal materials. These translators have the background necessary to fully comprehend the intended meaning of the source text and render it faithfully in the target language.

The Importance of Accurate Legal Translation

Accurate translation in any field can present challenges, but legal documents can be even more challenging due to the specialized language they incorporate. These documents often feature very precise language, and great care must be taken to choose the appropriate structure and wording of the translated text. With ALTA’s legal document translation services, you can rest assured that your translated documents will accurately preserve and express the legal concepts conveyed in the source text.

Bilingual Proficiency

Quality legal translations demand not only fluency and written proficiency in the target language, but also a thorough command of the source language. Some linguists excel at writing legal text in their native language but lack the nuanced understanding of the source language required to render the underlying legal concepts with accuracy and precision. In order to produce a quality legal translation, a translator must understand the source text implicitly. ALTA only uses professional legal translators with the highest level of proficiency in both the source and target languages.

Misconceptions about Accurate Translations

A common misconception about legal documents translation is that a literal substitution of words from one language to the next can act as an adequate translation. This is not entirely correct, as there are linguistic and legal nuances to every culture. Each translation needs to be made by someone who is knowledgeable of this fact. In addition, it’s widely assumed that anyone who can translate in a language can translate legal documents. Translation of legal documents requires special skills and a familiarity with the nomenclature of the originating document’s legal system. We not only provide translators that have a mastery of the language in question, but in addition our translators also have a background in the legal field in order to ensure accurate translation. Legal documents are important and our translators have the background knowledge to provide correctly translated documents.

Source Text

Source text can be a particularly vexing area for those who are unfamiliar with the originating language. Since legal terminology varies from culture to culture, the source text of legal documents can be even more confusing for those whose grasp on the original language is minimal. Our experts are extremely familiar with the original language of any document and the legal terminology that arises from it. This makes their translations natural and accurate.

Target Text

While some have tried to boil legal document translation down to a science, it’s clear that to translate legal documents accurately, one must also be a bit of an artist. Translators have to know the source text intimately, and they also have to have a firm grasp on the target language. Their skills do not involve simply knowing both languages proficiently — they’re also about understanding and taking advantage of connections between the two. In this way, the goal of our skilled experts is to provide successful translation. Legal documents require special skill sets that our experts can provide.

Expert Legal Translators

Our expert translators are skilled in the area of legal document translation. ALTA is ready and willing to provide you with legal document translation services that are accurate and professional. Our legal translation services are executed in a timely fashion to ensure that you receive your documents as quickly as possible, and our resources include some the top legal translation specialists in the industry.

ALTA is aware of your need for accurate legal translations. When your business, property or finances depend on correct and accurate translated documents, it is absolutely critical to enlist the services of professional legal document translators. ALTA has legal translators fluent in more than 100 languages who are waiting to translate your documents. Our translators are capable of protecting your assets and ensuring that you are conveying the right information in your newly translated document. Contact us for a free estimate today.

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