Types of Legal Documents Translated by ALTA

Accurate translation of important legal documents is essential. Inaccurate translations can have severe legal consequences or result in the loss of property, money, or other valuables. At ALTA, we employ skilled experts in dozens of languages who can translate your legal documents accurately and skillfully. Regardless of which type of document you have, ALTA can be a valuable and trusted partner in handling all of your legal translation needs.


Contract translation represents the largest segment of the legal translation landscape, as the world of international commerce demands that legal documents be translated so that all of the parties involved in a contract have a thorough understanding of the legal language that comprises it. ALTA’s legal translators have extensive contract translation experience, ensuring that critical contractual clauses, figures, and concepts are conveyed accurately in the target language.


ALTA not only has a staff of professional legal specialists, but also a group that specializes almost exclusively in patent translation. These patent specialists are highly knowledgeable about the patent translation process and have extensive experience in translating materials for hundreds of patent applications, as well as litigation involving patent disputes. ALTA has assisted clients with the translation of a large volume of materials related to patents and other areas of intellectual property law.

Divorce Decrees

A divorce decree translation can be necessary for a number of reasons. Some people choose to start a new life in a different country, while others have joint property in foreign countries or need a translation for immigration purposes. The language of these documents can be specific and, if not translated properly, can negatively impact a person’s life. At ALTA, we take great care to provide you with the best and most accurate divorce decree translations possible.


Will translation is among the most common forms of document translations, and it is extremely important in ensuring that a departed person’s wishes are not only respected, but that his or her assets are properly distributed. Additionally, will translation can serve as a way to double-check the work of another translator or lawyer. We understand that wills are an extremely sensitive subject, and we strive to translate them in a timely and professional manner.

At ALTA, we know that the accurate translation of all types of legal documents is critical. That’s why we employ skilled legal translation experts who thoroughly understand both the source and target languages. They’re familiar with the correct legal terminology used in the target countries and regions, which ensures that all of the concepts and legal nuances of the original document will be rendered accurately. We can translate any of your documents in more than 100 languages. Contact us today for a free quote on our legal document translation services to get the process started.

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