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Machine translation services have come a long way in the last few years, and advancements in machine learning have made major progress in ironing out the signature, awkward style machine translation was once famous for. But even with these improvements, there’s still a risk that machine translation will yield serious mistakes. To mitigate that risk, ALTA provides machine translation with a human editor, otherwise known as post-edited machine translation (PEMT). We believe this approach is a healthy combination of cutting-edge technology and quality assurance.

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How does ALTA edit machine translation?

We select editors with experience in neural machine translation editing. This skill goes beyond fluency in two languages. Our editors look closely at the machine translation output to ensure there are no major mistranslations, omissions, or incorrect word choices. They are also familiar with the common pitfalls of machine translation and the patterns of mistakes it can produce. As an added layer of quality control, ALTA uses computer-assisted translation software to ensure every segment is translated in full.

Is machine translation right for your project?

Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to use PEMT:

  • Which language(s)? Currently, machine translation output is not equal in every language pair. ALTA currently provides PEMT in English > Spanish, Spanish > English, and French > English, though we are constantly working to add additional languages to our roster.
  • How much text is there? Generally, the larger the project, the greater the cost savings by using PEMT. Short projects of fewer than 500 words will still fall within our minimum charge and as such are recommended for human translation.
  • What’s your deadline? Large-scale projects with a seemingly impossible deadline for human translation are great candidates for PEMT. You may also want to consider a mix of PEMT with additional human translation on a select few key or critical documents, such as in legal document discovery.
  • What type of text is it? Rather than using PEMT for static content or high-profile messaging, machine translation is an ideal solution for text that constantly evolves. This includes e-commerce product descriptions, reviews, and email correspondence.
  • What is the risk of mistranslation? ALTA’s machine translation output is edited, but the results are still less optimal than human translation with human editors. Marketing copy, text that will be professionally printed, or text that, if mistranslated, could create the potential for loss of life or limb, are all examples of projects that are not ideal candidates for PEMT.
  • What’s your budget? Machine translation with human editing can be done at about half the cost of standard translation, making it ideal for projects where the budget does not support human translation.
  • What format? Our machine translation services require live, selectable text. If your documents are scans, involve handwriting, or other images, machine translation may not be the best option.

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