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Marriage certificate translation services are just one of the many document translation services available through ALTA. Our translations are performed by professional translators who are experienced at translating all types of different documents. Any time you need a document translated, it’s extremely important that the work be accurate. Our Quality Management System is ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Certified, meaning that we are doing everything possible to ensure that our company meets the highest set of standards for every project we handle.

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Marriage certificates, also known as marriage licenses, wedding certificates, or matrimonial certificates, often require certified translation. The proper translation of a marriage certificate is essential in both the visa application process and the immigration process, as such documents are often required for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) when applying for a green card or a visa. A professional, fully-certified and notarized marriage certificate translation could be the difference between a visa application being approved or denied. ALTA’s language service professionals are dedicated to translating sensitive documents accurately.

Your marriage certificate contains a large amount of important personal information. Regardless of the language in which the original document was prepared, an accurate and confidential translation is vital. Each piece of information, if not translated precisely, could become a hindrance to achieving your goals.

Visa applications, acceptance into institutions of higher learning, and even applications for spousal death benefits may require you to submit a translation of your marriage certificate in order to process the required paperwork. ALTA employs more than 1,000 linguists who are ready and able to translate marriage certificates into more than 100 different languages. We’ve been in the business of translating documents for more than thirty years. Whatever your language solutions needs, let ALTA help you to achieve the best possible results.

The information included in official documents is personal and should be treated with the highest level of discretion and privacy. All customer information is stored on a secure site. We do not track or otherwise identify visitors to our site. No information that is shared with our company and site, from start to finish, will ever be sold to or shared with any third party. We adhere to the Safe Harbor Privacy Policy as established by the US Department of Commerce. It is our paramount concern that we provide you with the most accurate, secure, and confidential marriage certificate translation services available.

Although you may be multilingual or have a trusted friend who is, it is not advisable to try to translate marriage certificate paperwork on your own. Such private translations are rarely suitable for official use because they lack the appropriate certification statement and notary public seal. Most official agencies require that certificate translations be performed by an established professional translation resource like ALTA.

Relying on less-experienced translation services can cost you both time and money. Correcting the legal problems that arise from poorly-translated documents can be expensive, and any resulting complications may delay the documents from being processed on time. When you entrust your translations to our professional translators and project managers at ALTA, you can rest assured that they will deliver meticulously-prepared documents on time that are fully certified and notarized for official use. If you are interested in obtaining a translated document, take advantage of our free estimate form.

ALTA offers a wide selection of language services. In addition to marriage certificate translation, we can translate any type of document for you. Legal documents of all kinds generally require accurate and reliable translation to achieve the intended outcome. We also offer guaranteed language training, language testing, as well as accent reduction services. For the past 30 years, we have been proud to assist government agencies, private business, and a laundry list of Fortune 500 companies.

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