Multilingual Website Layout, Formatting, and Banners

Implementing multilingual websites is an essential part of creating or reaching out to your international audience. Whether you’re interested in starting small by translating only an excerpt of your site into a single language, or if you want to tackle a large-scale translation of your entire site into multiple languages, ALTA can help. We use robust translation memory software that allows us to:

  • Identify and filter translatable text and separate it from code, ensuring your code will not be inadvertently translated, deleted or otherwise edited.
  • Discount for repetitive strings by translating them once and propagating them to all instances.

In addition to translation and editing services, ALTA offers turnkey solutions, including flash localization, translation and layout of graphics/images, multimedia translation, voice over/subtitle work, and right-to-left layout of languages such as Hebrew and Arabic. Regardless of the formatting, contextual, and linguistic changes that will occur, making a website accessible to other cultures is a great step in increasing your readership base.

Clear, Precise Language

Website translation can be a valuable business tool, and we’re here to help you implement it properly. The key to effectively translating websites is to monitor portions of the website that require the most attention – where does most of your traffic go? For top-performing pages and keywords, ALTA recommends using professional human translators. Due to language ambiguity, translations that are not done correctly can be confusing or detrimental to your message and goal. Conscientious multilingual website translation is the first step towards harnessing the power of language and creating a website that is accessible to an international community. Our translators will research the most frequently-used terminology and keywords for your industry, ensuring your translation is coherent, logical, and competitive in the online market.

Layout and Format

When you are considering multilingual website development, you need to think about your website’s layout. Layouts and formatting are important aspects of multilingual website design because of different languages’ written characteristics. For example, websites in Spanish and other Latin-based languages may expand from the original length of the English, while character-based languages such as Chinese may shrink and leave additional space. Hebrew and Arabic are written from right to left and require a mirror image – including flipping the location of images to correspond with the direction of the text. These differences will affect the decisions made when building multilingual websites. At ALTA, we take these aspects into consideration when translating and building multilingual websites. We make sure that the information on your site is accessible to foreign speakers, linguistically and conceptually. We also specialize in advertising, and if you need web ads or banners prepared or translated, we would be happy to assist you.

Preserving Context

If your agency, company, or organization wants to deliver a meaningful and effective campaign, employing perceptive translators and designers for your multilingual website development is essential. Different cultures and language dialects have unique allegories, cultural sensitivities, styles of measurements, and gender roles that are conveyed linguistically, but not usually literally. This means that work on your multilingual website translation should only be performed by a knowledgeable team of professional translators who understand cultural context.

Choose ALTA for Your Language Solutions

Our skilled experts can help you complete your goals by providing multilingual website design. Creating top-quality multilingual websites, layouts, and banners are only a few services that set ALTA apart. We can work directly in Flash, XML, HTML, web-based applications, and content management systems. We also offer document translation services, which include résumés for international job searches, medical records, insurance documents, and legal papers. Our services extend to software localization and testing on native-language platforms.

If your organization, business, or agency is working towards globalization, you might consider training members of your staff in the languages of the countries to which you will be reaching out. We provide classes at our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and online via WebEx. Besides translation services, ALTA offers language testing in a variety of foreign languages. Language testing can be utilized to test prospective or current employee language proficiency for medical professionals and for interpreters. Areas covered are: speaking and listening skills, writing skills, and reading comprehension.

Whether you need information translated online or in print, ALTA’s translators are fluent in more than one hundred languages and can help you find language solutions that will make your website more accessible. Whether you need us to create multilingual websites from the ground up, or adapt pre-existing sites, we’re ready to help you get started today. Contact us for a free quote.

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