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If you plan to operate internationally, a good professional patent translation service is essential. There is still no international framework that absolutely guarantees to protect your intellectual property from one market to another, so patent translations are a vital first step. Patent translation from a respected global patent translation company will provide you with the keystone you need to obtain legal recognition of your intellectual property no matter where your business takes you. Patent translation services must be extremely precise, so you should only hire a patent translation service with a proven success record.

ALTA is one of the most respected and trusted services for business translation in the language industry. With hundreds of professional translators who have achieved top international standards in their profession, we are positioned to help you translate in more than 100 languages. Our project management expertise means that your translation work will move fluidly along the process, saving you time and money.

Ensuring Your Patents are Recognized in International Markets

The value of intellectual property cannot be overstated, and it can form the basis of profit for your company for over a hundred years per patent. This enduring value is also one of the reasons that filing and protecting your patents is so challenging. When you are translating a patent for an international market, you need to ensure that every detail conveys the meaning you demand. If any discrepancies are detected between your original language patent and any of your foreign language patents, it could create a legal loophole that can cost you millions. Adhering to all of the formalities of a given language and culture will help protect you.

Patent Translations from a Reputable Translation Company

Patents serve as the basis for your intellectual property claims. Without having your patents properly translated and on file in the relevant national and international offices, you could risk having your intellectual property stolen. Intellectual property enforcement on the international stage is uneven at best. In order to protect yourself, you need to make the right moves as quickly as you can. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a protracted battle to protect your property—a battle that you could very well lose in some jurisdictions.

ALTA has a reputation for quickly and efficiently translating complex business documents. Your patents and other documents will convey the precise meaning of the product, service, or idea that you intend to protect. This will help you when it comes time to expand internationally and establish your business in new markets. While other translation businesses might be content to develop a rote translation, we work hard to ensure that every shade of meaning in your original text is preserved and conveyed effectively.

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ALTA stands behind its reputation as one of the leading global providers of business translation, with one of the widest portfolios of languages from which to choose. Our extensive network of translators has proven itself to be capable of fast, powerful, error-free, professional patent translation according to the highest international standards. Every one of our projects is handled based on the most stringent project management practices in the industry. If you would like to learn more about our patent translation services, please contact us by telephone or via our online form. You can reach us at 800.895.8210.

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