Personal Correspondence

Personal Correspondence

Our professional translators are experts at translating personal correspondence. Letter translation requires the talents of a skilled translator with an eye for subtleties within a piece of text. We hire highly-trained, dedicated translators who excel in their languages. There are numerous benefits in contacting ALTA Language Services to translate your next item of personal correspondence.

We have a team of translators that specializes in document translation services. When we receive a translation project from a client, we assign it to a capable translator who is familiar with the process of translating correspondence. Our experienced translators are able to recognize the details and subtleties of the language they are translating, resulting in an accurate, reliable translation that is sure to please every client.

ALTA’s document translations include service for more than 100 foreign languages. We can match a skilled and native writing translator to suit the requirements of any project. No matter the language, we provide quality letter translation services. Some examples of the most popular languages we translate are Chinese, French, Arabic, and Spanish. Clients may refer to our languages translated page for our full list of languages.

We know there are some special considerations, such as confidentiality, when it comes to letter translation. A piece of correspondence may contain sensitive content or very personal information, and clients who send us personal correspondence translation projects value the fact that their information is secure with ALTA. We value our clients’ privacy as much as they do, and are happy to send a non-disclosure agreement detailing our confidentiality policy.

Our language solutions company is dedicated to providing top quality work on everything we translate. Letter translation requires special attention to detail. We have a set of rigid processes in place we refer to as our Translation Quality Management System (TQMS). This system gives us a chance to gauge the accuracy and efficiency of every step of our writing translation process, and we continue to improve our process and sharpen the skills of all of our team members. No matter what we translate, whether a letter or another written document, the TQMS is a tool that helps us to better serve our clients.

Many of the visitors to our website have questions about our translation services. We suggest that they visit our frequently asked questions page for some quick answers. Some of the items on that page include pricing information, a glossary of some of the vocabulary we use on our website, and a little insight into the process of translation. Clients and visitors may also give us a call if they need further information about our writing translation services.

If you’d like a quick, free estimate on your personal correspondence translation project, please fill out our short online form. Our project managers appreciate being given any pertinent details or special instructions on the project so they can get a clear idea of its scope. After evaluating your project to determine the subject matter, word count, and languages required, our project managers offer a prompt response – typically in 2 hours or less – to inform you of the cost and turnaround time. Should you wish to move forward, ALTA will also provide an easy online link to specify payment and (if applicable) shipping information, as well as the legal English spelling of any proper names that may have different transliteration options.

Clients can view our work examples page to see samples of our past projects. Our staff is eager to hear the details of your latest letter translation project. Contact us today!

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