High School and College Diploma and Transcript Translation

When you are looking for transcript and diploma translation services, it is critical to use professional-grade human translation. The highest standards of translation must be applied to ensure that you receive all of the benefits of your academic credentials, wherever you go in the world. ALTA has more than thirty years of experience, and our team of more than 2,500 professional linguists provides exceptional skills in more than 100 languages.

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The Challenges of Diploma Translation and Transcripts Translation

International educational institutions, businesses, and governments are very serious about confirming potential candidates’ claims of academic skills and expertise. If you are contemplating advanced study somewhere other than your native country, or are hoping to secure employment in a foreign country and require proof of your academic credentials, it is essential that your diploma or transcript be presented accurately.

Many countries have very strict standards regarding the transfer of academic merit from one cultural context to another. For this reason, all of the documents relating to your course of study must be translated professionally. ALTA is an industry leader in diploma and transcript translation, and we always provide specialized, human translation from a native translator. We deliver certified, notarized translations, demonstrating that an objective third-party provided the translation.

Academic Translation Services Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Whether you are preparing for high school, college, or advanced study abroad, professional academic translation is crucially important. Academic document translation forms the basis of your application or other processes that determine your academic standing. In some cases, institutions are very strict about the classes and other preparations that you have undertaken. A translation that is highly intuitive and understandable to members of the target culture will make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

Academic translation can also be very important when you are completing your course of study. You might find that you need to submit your transcripts, diploma, or other evidence of academic achievement in order to apply for a job. While this is usually only necessary during the initial period of employment, you might find that you need the translated documents numerous times for various employment opportunities. At ALTA, we go beyond basic transcript and diploma translation to truly localize your document. No shades of meaning are lost when someone from the target culture reads your documents.

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With our ISO certified quality management system, expertise in project management for all forms of translation, and a staff of hundreds of expert translators who have mastered more than 100 languages, we can confidently help you with your project. Call us at 800.895.8210 to find out more, or fill out our free online form. We look forward to the chance to help you achieve your translation goals.

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