Simplified Chinese Translation For Human Resources

ALTA has provided clients with their Simplified Chinese human resources translation needs for more than two decades. Whether you have a need to inform Chinese-speaking workers about company policies at a U.S. facility or need to have human resources materials translated for a foreign branch, ALTA has translators who can meet your needs. Our Simplified Chinese translation team has extensive experience in translating anything from employee surveys, to company policy materials, to workplace notices, and much more.

Why Choose ALTA for Simplified Chinese Translation?

  • Localization of Policy and Regulations: ALTA’s translators have a wealth of experience localizing corporate policies and regulations for the Chinese speaking market, and can assist you in suggesting how your policies might be tailored to the local environment.
  • Communicate Effectively with Chinese-Speaking Workers: Many Chinese workers don’t have the requisite English skills to understand corporate policy materials or memos in English. Our translators can assist you in translating these materials into Simplified Chinese so that they can be understood by your Chinese workforce.
  • Protect Your Legal Liability: Translating your human resources documents into Simplified Chinese can be a key component in protecting you from liability should an injury occur in the workplace due to a Chinese employee’s failure to understand critical safety policies.
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Thinking about translating your company policy handbook into Simplified Chinese for your Chinese-speaking employees? ALTA can help. Requesting a free quote from one of ALTA’s project managers is fast and easy, just call 800.895.8210 or fill the Free Quote form above.

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