Technical Document and Tech Manual Translation

Writing technical documents and manuals requires highly-specialized skills. It should come as no surprise, then, that technical document translation also requires a high level of talent and ability. ALTA’s professional language solutions include technical document translation. Our skilled technical specialists are veteran translators with years of experience and training. They have an expert feel for the style and structure of technical writing, and the background and resources to produce eloquent, idiomatic translated technical copy. Our translators can successfully perform translations in more than 100 languages. If you wish to obtain a technical translation, please fill out our free online estimate form, or call us today.

In commercial applications, technical writing can take the form of installation and owner’s manuals, user documentation, material safety data sheets (MSDSs), and training materials. Marketing materials such as white papers, as well as legal disclaimers and warranties, also fall within the scope of technical writing. This highly-specialized type of writing requires that technical translations not only be accurate, but also that they convey complex concepts with a concise precision.

Given the highly-complex nature of technical writing, partnering with a qualified, professional technical translation agency is of the utmost importance. By choosing ALTA, you’ll eliminate any chances of receiving inaccurate translations— you’ll avoid potentially serious situations that might arise when bad translations are thrown into the mix with employees operating dangerous tools and machinery.

Technical Writing

Technical writing encompasses fields as diverse as science, medicine, technology, and textiles. The scientific nature of these subject areas requires a highly-proficient command of underlying technical concepts and an extensive knowledge of industry-specific terminology. Since these subjects are often complex, technical writing frequently serves to clarify complicated topics or instructions.

Technical Manuals

Writing a technical manual comes with a list of stylistic rules, each with its own designated page length and estimated time of completion. Creating a technical manual is a professional, precise, and lengthy process on which you will have, no doubt, spent a fair amount of time and resources. Our technical translation services are designed to save you time and money. ALTA knows that if you need a manual translation, you need it quickly, and with a high level of accuracy that will positively represent your company’s ideas and products. Our technical translation services are designed to deliver your manuals on schedule and exactly how you want them.

Technical Documents

Standalone technical documents such as papers can be translated with as much precision as longer pieces of writing. Our technical translation service encompasses all types of documents— not just those related to product usage or troubleshooting. Some legal content, such as contracts, warranties, and even press releases, might require specific technical knowledge and benefit from having a qualified technical translation specialist involved.

Technical Translations

Whether you require us to translate technical documents in the form of end user guides, reference materials, online help, or operator’s or installation manuals, we’ll get the job done right. Our technical translations are top-quality and industry-leading, as we employ technical specialists with the backgrounds, resources, and technical know-how to craft quality technical copy in more than 100 languages. We invite you to try our professional technical manual translation services and our other document translation services.

Our Experts

Our experts are skilled in the translation of technical materials spanning a wide range of languages and subject areas. With over thirty years of experience, ALTA’s project management team knows how to handle even the most difficult assignments with clarity and precision. We take pride in being able to deliver technical translation material that conveys your company’s message with accuracy, style, and eloquence. Our technical document and manual translation team will provide you with the materials necessary to communicate effectively in any language.

Choose ALTA Today

At ALTA, we recognize the need for accuracy and objectivity in translating materials, and we hold our translators to the highest standards in the industry. Our project leaders will guide you through the entire process and act as intermediaries between you and our translators. This system allows for a team of translators to complete your project quickly and efficiently while keeping you involved in a streamlined fashion. Our skilled translators are capable of translating your technical documents in more than 100 languages. Contact us at 800.895.8210, or fill out our free online quote form.

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