Buffalax: Best Neologism of 2008

Buffalax (verb) 1. To translate and subtitle a foreign film clip in a linguistically inaccurate, but absolutely hilarious way, so that the written subtitles are a loose interpretation of what the speaker or singer might be uttering if he or she were speaking English. 2.To improperly translate a choreographed dance sequence from a movie or video from the Asian subcontinent for the amusement of English speakers around the world. 3. (noun) A culturally insensitive faux translation. Example: Since being buffalaxed early last year, the following Benny Lava clip has been viewed half a million times:

Benny Lava

First cited by a major English language publication in November of 2007 when Wired magazine published this article. Use of the term quickly spread via Blogs and YouTube, and by the summer of 2008, buffalax had developed widespread use among miners of internet humor. In December of 2008 it was named Best Neologism of the Year by Beyond Words Language Blog.

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