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Interpreters with Subject Matter Expertise

Our interpreters have experience in medical and legal settings, business meetings, and conferences. Our medical interpreting team works in hospitals and doctors’ offices to facilitate doctor-patient interactions. Our legal team facilitates depositions, court proceedings, and attorney-client interactions. We also have a broader team that can help in any number of common business situations, such as accompanying non-English-speaking guests at meetings or on plant tours. If you are planning a conference and need full-scale simultaneous interpretation using booths and headsets, we can help there, too.

On-Site InterpretingOur on-site interpreters are available both in the most commonly requested languages as well as in rare languages: Arabic, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, and more. Our face-to-face interpreters work in both qualified and certified capacities, offering your company an array of options to meet your needs. If you don’t see your language listed here, please contact us for a free estimate.

Over-The-Phone Interpreting (OPI)With more than 200 languages, including rare and indigenous languages, our over-the-phone interpretation programs rank high in client satisfaction. OPI clients have the ability to create a personalized account for on-going service, or for limited volume, can connect to an over-the-phone interpreter on an as-needed basis. All of our phone interpreters undergo a training and credentialing process, assuring we can meet your language need if on-site professional interpreting services are not feasible. Whether you need a telephonic interpreter for a medical appointment, legal hearing or a simple international business call, we offer multiple ways to connect to an interpreter in less than one minute, on average.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)ALTA also offers American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation services via video remote interpreting. This monthly program enables those who are hard of hearing to mobilize their experience with an always present video interpreter. Simply download our platform onto your qualifying device(s), to connect to an interpreter anytime, anywhere.

Conference InterpretingALTA’s experience in conference interpreting solutions allows us to identify prospect’s unique needs, and deliver high-quality interpretation services. If you are hosting a small event with VIPs, or planning a large scale event with multiple languages, we are prepared with linguists specializing in your industry nationwide. Our interpreter’s skillsets reach far beyond what is typically requested, as our linguists thoroughly prepare for not only the type of conference interpreting required, but also hone specialized terms that may be exclusive to your company.

Interpreting EquipmentAs a full service certified interpretation agency, we are equipped to provide rental equipment services for assignments requiring simultaneous interpreting. Interpretation equipment gives our clients the ability to communicate in multiple languages or locations, without pausing. Our technical team is ready to provide top-of-the-line interpretation equipment, along with a dedicated technical support team nationwide. ALTA has your equipment needs covered from interpretation booths to portable and sound systems at competitive rates.

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Scheduling an interpreter is fast and easy. For help with on-site interpretation and phone interpreters, please email, call 404.920.3860, or complete the form on this page and we’ll contact you. For phone interpreters, once an account is established, it only takes about a minute to be connected with an interpreter.

Quality Certified

ALTA interpreters are certified by nationally recognized organizations or have been tested by ALTA for language proficiency, interpreting skills, and the standards for ethical conduct. Our goal is to facilitate communication with excellence and professionalism, while taking every practical step to protect the privacy of all involved.

ALTA is proud to be one of the few companies offering professional interpreting services to have earned the ISO 9001:2008 certification. ISO certified interpreting agencies, such as ALTA, must create and follow a carefully crafted quality control system that meets the ISO standards. To ensure ongoing compliance, we must internally evaluate our adherence to that system, all the while being regularly audited by a third party registrar. With our outstanding attention to each interpretation project and exceptional customer service, ALTA passed the certification inspection the first time through, with no corrective action required. It is this level of quality we are very proud to offer you in all our services.

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We’re proud to have provided language services for:

  • Walmart
  • BB&T
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • American Red Cross
  • American Express

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To learn how we can help you with our interpreting services, please fill out our contact form above, or call us at 404.920.3860.

ALTA provides professional interpreters to facilitate oral communication between people who speak different languages. If you need to translate something written in one language to another, please see our translation services.