Free Language Resources

ALTA offers free language resources to help you with your foreign language transactions. Your company likely deals globally and it is helpful to have online language resources to help with translation. We offer professional language solutions to help you compete in a global market.

Free Pronunciation Lessons

When you sign up for one of ALTA’s Accent Reduction programs, you get access to hundreds of practice recordings and lessons in our Online Homework section of the website (accessed through the login button above). You can start right now with the following free English Pronunciation practice recordings. Since they are online, you can practice anytime it is convenient.

Free Word Stress Lessons

Word Stress is the distribution of stresses within a polysyllabic word. When speaking English, it is important to place the emphasis on the correct syllable.

Take advantage of this free offer to receive 9 weeks of Word Stress lessons developed by ALTA’s Accent Training professionals. Our language services are designed to help you succeed no matter what your native language.

At ALTA, we offer professional language resources designed to help you with translation and in correcting any accent that you may have. Our language learning resources are designed with the busy professional in mind. We work to help you improve your accent, translation and understanding of the foreign language. Our online language resources make it easy to study at times that are convenient for you.

Our language resources are easy to use and access. At ALTA, we work to provide language learning resources designed to help you improve communication. Try our online language resources designed to help you with all aspects of your language mastery.