Schwa Fire Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Calling all language-lovers! If you’re looking for robust, personal, and in-depth language stories instead of snippets and sound bites, you may be interested in Schwa Fire – a digital publication dedicated to just that. A Kickstarter campaign is currently under way to make this language magazine a reality. Spearheaded by Michael Erard – a linguistic factotum that has written about topics as varied as how hyperpolyglots achieve incredible fluency to how the rest of us stumble over our words – Schwa Fire promises to “marry language geekery with long-form journalism” to offer a truly unique look into the world of language.

Schwa Fire (so named for the delightful pronunciation of the name of a mid-central vowel) will be a platform for delving into stories outside of the news cycle. Because language permeates every aspect of our lives, there is no shortage of content and no lack of audience for this timely project. Erard intends to run issues of the publication every two months at first and eventually move to monthly releases with two stories each at $1.99 apiece.

The Kickstarter campaign to fund Schwa Fire ends on December 11, so there’s still time to join the more than 400 backers who have pledged more than $15,000 of the $25,000 needed for the project. Because the publication will be ad-free, funds will go toward paying writers and editors to create content. If Schwa Fire has piqued your interest, act now! No funding is paid out unless the full goal is met, so the future of the magazine is in the hands of language-lovers.


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