On-site Interpretation

On-site Interpretation Available Nationwide

Face-to-Face Interpreters

With advance notice, our interpreters are available to come to your location for face-to-face interpreting, anywhere in the U.S. For longer assignments, on-site interpreters are more effective and offer a better value. Our interpreters are highly-skilled in all industry types, and most can be readily available with 24-48 hours’ notice. Pre-scheduling is required in most regions; however, we can supply an interpreter with last minute notice in some areas.

ALTA specializes in providing high-quality, reliable on-site interpretation services, including both simultaneous and consecutive services. Typically, simultaneous interpreting is offered for large groups and conference events, while consecutive interpreting is offered for one-on-one settings.

Most face-to-face interpreting is consecutive: a person speaks in one language and then pauses for the interpreter to convey what was said in the listener’s language. Simultaneous interpretation is often used in conferences and large presentations where a significant part of the audience does not require an interpreter, or where multiple languages are needed at the same time. This approach requires simultaneous interpretation of what is being said, so that the speaker is not interrupted. This is accomplished with specially-trained, two-person teams who work inside a booth that broadcasts their voice to the audience wearing wireless headsets. For simultaneous assignments, it is not uncommon to have multiple booths and teams to cover several languages.

From healthcare, law-enforcement, corrections, and social services hearings to large conference settings, ALTA has the interpreters and corporate support staff to handle any on-site interpretation project. We are staffed with the most experienced interpreters in the industry with comprehensive credentialing validation and verification processes in place. We currently work alongside thousands of language experts available for any project—no matter the language, location or time nationwide.

Qualified vs. Certified Interpreters

Our linguists are highly-skilled interpreters who are native speakers of the target language. We employ both qualified and certified interpreters, but all interpreters have been trained to abide by HIPPAA rules/regulations and standardized codes of ethics. We can match your project with interpreters who are specially trained in a particular industry, such as mental health, legal, or other technical fields.

ALTA interpreters are certified by nationally recognized organizations or have been tested by ALTA for language proficiency, interpreting skills, and the standards for ethical conduct. Our interpreters work at a highly professional level, giving you and your clients the assurance that the communication is being handled properly.

Which type of interpreter do I need?

Consecutive or simultaneous, qualified or certified, ALTA has you covered. Upon receiving your request for service, your dedicated Project Manager will analyze your language needs to determine which type of interpreter will best suit your limited English speaker(s). Although consecutive and simultaneous interpreting are the two major types of interpretation services rendered, our linguists work within many different modes to combat language barriers. This includes, but is not limited to: liaison, whispering and/or bilateral interpreting. For additional details on these specific types of interpretation styles, please contact us about the various modes of interpreting.

Contact Interpreting

ALTA is committed to fulfilling your company’s linguistic needs, with face-to-face interpretation or any of our other interpretation services. To learn how we can help you with our interpreting services, please fill out our contact form, email us, or call us at 404.920.3860.
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