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Could A Professional Legal Interpreter Make Your Case?

If you or your client cannot be understood, it creates a significant risk in any legal setting. Don’t take that risk! Instead, let ALTA connect you with an interpreter that has the legal experience and language skills to communicate your message effectively. We’ll find you a legal interpreter for:

  • Court Trials Court Trials
  • Hearings Hearings
  • Depositions Depositions
  • Immigration Interviews Immigration Interviews
  • Judicial Proceedings Judicial Proceedings
  • Mediations Mediations
  • Arbitrations Arbitrations
  • And more.. And more..

Communicate Clearly In The Courtroom, In Your Office, And Over The Phone

In-Person Legal Interpretation

We’ll find the perfect interpreter to attend your trial or hearing and arrange travel and any required equipment.

Video Remote Legal Interpretation

Save money on travel expenses and connect with an experienced legal interpreter via a secure 2-way video platform.

Over-the-Phone Legal Interpretation

Schedule an interpreter to dial into your client meetings and ensure effective communication between all parties.

Choose The Most Effective Legal Interpretation Mode For Your Legal Setting

Simultaneous Interpretation

The interpreter speaks at the same time as the presenter, using headsets to ensure that each participant hears only their language of choice—like they do at the United Nations.

Simultaneous Interpretation
Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation

The speaker pauses to allow interpretation between sentences. This mode is best used for one-on-one scenarios or when most parties speak the same language.

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Which Type Of Legal Interpreter Do You Need?

  • Court-Certified Interpreters Court-Certified Interpreters

    Court-certified interpreters must pass a state-level exam permitting them to work in courtrooms and legally-binding proceedings. Languages available for certification vary by state, but ALTA offers court-certified legal interpreters in 10+ languages nationwide. Contact us for details and a free quote.
  • Court-Qualified Interpreters Court-Qualified Interpreters

    Many depositions, mediations, and consultations don’t require a certified interpreter. ALTA’s network of 1,000+ qualified legal interpreters spanning 100+ languages and dialects is ideal for these scenarios. Our thoroughly-vetted court-qualified interpreters have at least 1 year of experience in your legal setting and/or extensive education in the field.

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Which Type Of Legal Interpreter Do You Need?

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Please send us a message and tell us what you need.  We’ll find the perfect legal interpreter for you and get back to you within 24 hours with details and a free quote.

If you’re unsure precisely what you need, reach out, and our team will walk you through the best options for your specific legal interpretation scenario.

  • 1,000+ qualified legal interpreters
  • 100+ languages & dialects
  • In-person & virtual solutions
  • Affordable quotes in as little as 3 hours!

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