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Foreign Language Voice Talent Studio

Our multilingual voiceover studio combines the industry’s best translation, project management, and voice talent to deliver your message authentically in more than 100 languages. Our multimedia process includes time-coded translation that minimizes language expansion and contraction when taking your script into other languages, and our recordings are always done in a professional recording environment.

Your video was produced in a professional environment, so why accept anything less for multilingual voiceover services?

ALTA is an Atlanta-based, employee-owned company specializing in enterprise-level language services. Everything we do is a commitment to our core purpose: we help people communicate across linguistic and cultural barriers.

Language Solutions That Fit Your Needs:

Native Voice Talent

Native Voice Talent

More than 1,500 professional voice artists covering 100+ languages. ALTA matches your project to the best talent in the world and records in a professional sound studio.

Multilingual Subtitling

Multilingual Subtitling

English language subtitles, plus time-coded transcription, translation in 100+ languages, and multilingual subtitling for open or closed captioning.

Time-coded Script Translation

Time-coded Script Translation

ALTA provides time-coded transcription, translation and transcreation, text reduction, script adaptation, proof-reading, and quality checks at every stage.

Multilingual Telephony/IVR

Telephony/IVR Recording

Regardless of your desired target languages, ALTA's native voice talents can create the interactive voice response messages you need.

Translators and Interpreters

Translators and Interpreters

From onsite language interpreters to document translation and multilingual layout, ALTA provides translation and interpreting services in more than 100 languages.

Dialect and Voice Coaches

Teachers and Tutors

ALTA provides foreign language instruction (including specific dialects). We offer live face-to-face and online language training that’s customized, interactive, and guaranteed.

Any File Format, 100+ Languages

When you need to expand the audience for an ad, product release, or training program, ALTA can work with any file format to get the job done.

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Multilingual Subtitling to Serve Your Business Needs

For more than 30 years, ALTA Language Services has been providing clients with effective and valuable language solutions and exceptional customer service. We have access to a renowned network of language talents fluent in dozens of languages, each recording with an in-language director to provide guidance on the sound quality and pronunciation. You may have heard many of these voice talents in your favorite commercials!

Foreign Language Voice and Subtitling Translation

At ALTA, we’ve learned the tips and tricks to effective multimedia work, including a built-in process for subtitling translation and multilingual voiceover services that minimizes expansion and contraction when taking your text into other languages. Without this process, for example, some languages will expand upwards of 30% in length. That means to dub an English video in the target language, the narrator would need to speak 30% faster than he or she did in the English, creating a rushed, awkward rhythm in the target language.

Combining text and voice via subtitles necessitates an extremely nuanced approach. ALTA can translate English text into subtitles and provide time-coded, final files. Subtitles must be matched evenly to the action on the screen, or they can appear misleading or comical. In cases where additional foreign language voice work must be done and dubbed over the original material, this danger is made even more acute. Translators who take on this kind of challenge must understand both the written and spoken forms of the target language, and all this must be combined with savvy in video and audio media. The danger of a poorly produced subtitle project is that it will project an unfavorable, unprofessional image.

How Subtitling and the Ability to Translate Subtitles Serves Your Business Needs

It has long been understood by marketing professionals that video is among the most enticing media for virtually any form of corporate communication. Video makes it possible to combine text, voice, and images in a way that conveys far more meaning in less time. Studies show that consumers are more likely to turn to video than virtually any other option when learning about a product or service, particularly when using mobile devices. When communicating with foreign business partners, video can also be highly effective, making the quality of subtitling translation very important.

Subtitles and voice talent can be used in a number of ways to augment your message for foreign audiences. Foreign language voice talent can be used to dub over original voice work so that the target audience experiences the entire presentation within their own linguistic context. Your professional approach can also help demonstrate commitment to accessibility by making materials easier to understand for those with visual or hearing impairments.

Get Started Today

With more than thirty years of experience, ALTA provides translation services in more than 100 languages. All of our subtitling translation projects are handled using the very best project management standards to ensure that your timeline and budget are always protected. Contact us by phone or via our online form to find out more. You can reach our offices at 800.895.8210.

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