French Legal Translation Services

ALTA French Legal Translation Services

Offering French legal translation services, proofreading, and document certification and notarization, ALTA Language Services has the skills required to provide you with a professional, accurate foreign language translation for legal use. Think of every fluent English speaker you know – are they all capable of drafting a contract with the correct vocabulary and meaning? Probably not. Similarly, it’s critical to choose a professional French translator with the appropriate education, background, or skill set when translating legal documents, contracts, or records. We know that when it comes to translating legal documents, getting the “gist” won’t cut it.

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5 Reasons to Choose ALTA for French Legal Translation

  1. ALTA will meet rigid deadlines. We will provide an up-front delivery date before we begin the translation process, and we will honor that deadline. In a crunch for time? Tell us when you need the document, and we’ll do everything we can to fit your deadline needs while still ensuring a quality document.
  2. Complimentary notarization and certification services. Whether you need it in French, English or both, ALTA Language Services can provide a certification statement testifying to the translation’s accuracy. The certification will be signed by an ALTA representative and notarized by a notary public. There is no additional fee for this service.
  3. Content localization. Not every French translation is the same – for example, French speakers in France sometimes use different vocabulary than French speakers in Canada. ALTA will match your document to a translator who is a native French speaker, and we will also localize your document appropriately.
  4. The Most Accurate French Legal Translation. When it comes to legal translations, even the slightest error could yield costly mistakes. That’s why we use time-tested translators who know that every word counts. ALTA also offers additional proofreading services if you’d like to take that extra step to ensure accuracy.
  5. Quick Estimates at No Cost. Send us your document in whatever format you have – whether it be a design program such as Quark or InDesign, an MS Word document, or a hard copy – and we will provide you with a personalized estimate based on your text. An ALTA Project Manager will analyze the document’s word count, language type, and repetitive text, so you know exactly what the cost of your French legal translation is up front.

French Legal Translation Service, A Real World Scenario:

Your company has just struck a deal with a small, family-owned business in Canada. The financial prospects are great, but communication is difficult; your prospective business partners only speak a little English, and you haven’t taken a French class since 8th grade.

In this situation, you probably want the job done right; this means you’ll have to do some work to localize your contracts and information for your business partner. Just as letting someone with no expertise draft the English contract could damage your company and its image, relying on a translator without the qualified experience could cost your company time, energy and money.

ALTA will work with you to make sure your document is translated by a translator who has the appropriate experience – whether your document is about auto parts, medical records, business or finance – your French legal translation will be handled by someone with the appropriate background and skills to translate your document accurately.

For more information about the French legal document translation process, or to obtain a free estimate on any of the other language solutions we offer, give us a call at 800.895.8210

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