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ALTA language services has been offering a wide range of document translation services, including translations of patents, legal documents, strategic business plans, balance sheets, and annual reports for more than 30 years. Serving the needs of small and large businesses, state and federal agencies, and Fortune 500 companies, ALTA is a first-class language solutions provider. We offer complete professional translation services in more than 100 languages, and we aim for the most accurate translations, fastest turnaround times, and the highest level of customer service.

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ALTA pairs your documents with a knowledgeable Hungarian linguist who has the proper background and experience to complete your translation project. Utilizing an extensive network of professional translators, we consistently surpass our clients’ expectations when they request professional Hungarian translation services.

5 Reasons to Choose ALTA for your Hungarian Translation:

  • Our range of services, including certified documents, goes beyond document translation. ALTA’s professional designers and typesetters offer turnkey layout services in popular software packages like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Quark, and the Microsoft Office Suite. We routinely manage translation projects involving books, training manuals, brochures, contracts, and newsletters. Our team of technical experts, Hungarian translators, and layout designers produce the best product for your Hungarian translation needs.
  • Content tailored with the target audience in mind. Using a resource-driven approach to meet your customized marketing and Hungarian translation needs, ALTA focuses on the talent involved in managing a project. Our linguists who translate Hungarian have gained an excellent reputation by not only translating with accuracy, but also by developing high quality content.
  • Hungarian translation for your corporate website. With technical skill and linguistic and cultural proficiency, ALTA can design a Hungarian-language website with the goal of a strong global presence. When translating Hungarian, we utilize linguists who are proficient in both the source and target languages of your project, ensuring your website will be translated accurately. ALTA can also rework and test your code and scripts. As a foreign language solutions provider, we can translate all static online content, database-driven content, GUI elements, and meta tags.
  • ALTA goes beyond words®. Hungarian, the Uralic language spoken by approximately 15 million people is the official language of Hungary. Like any language, it is filled with nuances and subtleties. In order to introduce your products and services to another language market, a thorough review and examination of your content is essential to translation success. Jokes, puns, words with multiple meanings, and other creative word plays can pose a problem and may not translate well. A company motto might cause complications. Photographs in a brochure may need to be replaced. Prior to beginning the translation process, our team conducts a thorough analysis so that any potential issues can be brought to the client’s attention.
  • Free & Easy Quotes & Competitive Pricing. Our prices are extremely competitive. While standard rates are applicable to most Hungarian translation services, we suggest you call us at 800.895.8210 or fill out our free estimate form for more information.

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