Work Samples

The Coca-Cola Company

Services Provided:
Translation, Typesetting, Consulting, Content Review

ALTA translates marketing copy for a variety of Fortune 500 companies, including local companies such as Coca-Cola, with whom we have worked for more than a decade. This is a small sample of the projects we handle for Fortune 500 companies, which include translation, layout, post layout-review, and occasional changes to update the content each year. We keep copies archived for up to five years, so we can retrieve and update your copy as needed.

braithwaite example

Braithwaite Communications

Services Provided:
Transcreation, Consulting, Graphic Layout

ALTA was contracted by Braithwaite Communications to translate and lay out a workplace safety manifesto into 10 languages. Thai can be difficult to lay out and requires native-language typesetters or reviewers due to the lack of word breaks and lack of punctuation/capitalization. ALTA also handled this project in more challenging languages such as Urdu, which requires flipping the languages and images from right to left.

Primerica sample


Services Provided:
Financial and Marketing Translation, Typesetting, Content Review

We work with a number of banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions, including Primerica, to translate financial terminology and customer-facing marketing pieces such as this professional translation sample. Customer-facing financial materials present unique challenges, as it’s crucial to retain the register and tone of the source text to ensure the message is clearly understood, friendly, and customer-oriented in the translation. We used a combination of financial and marketing editors and translators on this piece to ensure that customer-facing financial pieces were translated accurately and appropriately, but the marketing nuances of the language weren’t lost in the process.

Newport sample

Newport News Shipbuilding

Services Provided:
Arabic Translation, Bilingual Layout Creation, Image Editing

A local design firm working with Newport News approached us with this interesting project. The designers wanted to create a dual language English / Arabic brochure so that the layout played to the right-to-left format of the Arabic. Instead of creating two brochures, they reversed the layout so that when the binding was on the left, you were looking at the English version. When flipped, instead of looking at the back of an English brochure, you were looking at the front of the Arabic. Since the layout for English and Arabic were supposed to be similar, it was important to typeset the Arabic so that it was symmetrical to the English. When the reader reached the center of the brochure, English and Arabic met, creating a strong marketing message for their potential clients abroad.

Sephora sample


Services Provided:
Product Packaging Translation, Consulting, Review

ALTA has teamed up with Sephora to translate packaging copy into a variety of languages on a regular basis. In addition to using translators with niche experience in the cosmetics industry, we also apply a high level of care and project management to these projects to ensure that the fun, lively spirit of these pieces is appropriately captured in the final product. Translating small phrases or single words out of context can yield translations that are inappropriate when viewed in context, so we make sure to ask as many questions up front as we can.

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