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ALTA only uses established linguists, whose experience and expertise allows us to provide our clients with Simplified Chinese character translations that consistently meet or exceed the level of the English source text from which they were translated. Choose from one of ALTA’s specialized Simplified Chinese translation services below, or call 800.895.8210 to speak with a project manager. Quotes are always free.

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What Is The Difference Between Simplified and Traditional Chinese?

Simplified Chinese is a written form of the language that was created by the government of mainland China to promote literacy. Simplified Chinese uses about 30 to 40 percent fewer characters, and the remaining characters contain fewer strokes. This form of Chinese is used primarily in mainland China, so if the document you need translated is going to the mainland, it will most likely need to be an English to Simplified Chinese translation.

Traditional Chinese, on the other hand, is the pre-reform character system that is used by most Chinese readers outside of mainland China. If your document will be used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macau, it should be translated from English to Traditional Chinese.

For Chinese readers in the U.S. or Canada, the common practice is to translate a document to both forms of written Chinese. While most Chinese speakers in the West use traditional characters, there is a growing Chinese immigrant population that was educated in post-reform mainland China, and is therefore more accustomed to the simplified character system. We can provide the written Chinese character translation you need regardless of your target audience.

To learn more about ALTA’s specialized simplified Chinese translation services, call 800.895.8210 to speak with a project manager. Quotes are always free.

Why Choose ALTA for Chinese Translation?

  • Proven Experience and Success: For more than 30 years, ALTA has been in the business of delivering language solutions to clients competing in the international marketplace. Our Simplified Chinese translators create dynamic documents that will communicate your message to your intended audience.
  • Expertise in Multiple Areas: ALTA has expert Simplified Chinese translators in a wide range of subject areas. Whether you have to translate mergers and acquisitions documents, an advertising campaign, bank brochure, or mutual fund prospectus, ALTA can help.
  • Competitive Pricing: ALTA offers the highest quality with pricing that is extremely competitive. We’re also happy to offer volume discounts on large projects.

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