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Are you looking to translate documents from English to Tamil, or Tamil to English? ALTA has got you covered. With 30 years in the industry, ALTA’s customers rely on ALTA to deliver fast, high quality translations, at competitive prices.

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ALTA offers Tamil translation services in the following areas:

  • Business Translations
  • Translations for Sales and Marketing
  • Translations for Human Resources
  • Legal Translations
  • Technical Translations

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About Tamil

Tamil is the oldest living language in the world. It is the official language of India, Sri Lanka, and Singapore, and is spoken by 52 million speakers around the world. Other countries that have significant Tamil-speaking populations include Malaysia, Vietnam, Mauritius, and Reunion.

ALTA’s Translators & Translation Process

Our Tamil translators come with many years of professional translation experience and undergo a rigorous internal vetting process before they are selected to work on a project. Our Tamil translators are also native speakers with fluency in both languages, knowledge of specialized industry terminology, and are familiar with both cultures for linguistic, and cultural accuracy in your translations.

Our translation processes and in-house quality management systems are ISO certified. This ensures that our entire translation process including core systems and resources meet the demanding testing requirements for a quality translation service.

Why Choose ALTA for Tamil Translations

  • High Quality Translation Accuracy: We employ the best professional human translators to guarantee that your translated documents maintain the style, tone, and nuances of the source language, without ever compromising quality.
  • Consistency Across Cultures: You can trust ALTA to translate successfully across cultures, in any language. ALTA’s translation team goes beyond literal translation. For example, when translating advertising and marketing materials, we analyze the appeal of your campaigns to your target audience and provide the best solutions.
  • Turnkey Service: We will always work within the native file format of your documents, including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft Publisher, so that it is ready for distribution or publishing upon delivery.
  • Tamil Web Translation Services: Beyond document translations, ALTA offers complete website translations in all online file formats including HTML, XML, Java, ASP, PHP, and WordPress.

Contact ALTA for a Free Quote

Fill out the free quote form or call 1.800.895.8210 to speak with a project manager regarding your Tamil translation project. Quotes are always free, whether or not you decide to work with ALTA. If your project scope increases, or if deadlines shift, we have the resources available to adapt to your project needs.

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    How to Get a Faster Estimate

    To facilitate a faster, more accurate estimate, please provide the following information in the "Notes" section of your request:

    • Target Languages/Specific Regions (if applicable)
    • Word Count (if files unavailable)
    • File Format (e.g. MS Office, Adobe, HTML/XML, Scanned Document, etc.)
    • Will you need Typesetting or Layout Services?
    • Subject Matter
    • Deadline

    For further assistance, please call us during business hours (9 AM to 6:00 PM ET) at 800.895.8210.

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