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Voice-Over, Dubbing and Recording Services

With more than 30 years of experience, ALTA is the world leader in audio translation services. We provide professional voice over services in more than 100 languages for industries ranging from entertainment to corporate training. We offer full-service voice-over, dubbing, and recording services such as: US and British English voice over, German voice over, Arabic voice over, Spanish voice over services, and more. View our complete list of foreign voice over languages here.

Our voice-overs and recordings are produced in a professional state-of-the-art recording studio in Atlanta, GA, which allows us to provide high quality voice talent with fast turnaround time and low costs. We conduct the studio recording, final mix, and delivery with the use of professional engineers. For more information, or to get a quote, contact us at 1.800.895.8210

Professional Voice-Over and Dubbing Services

Our audio production and translation teams guarantee that the voice talent, lip-sync, and adapted script accurately capture the nuance, style, tone and intent of the original file. Additional voice-over services include:

  • Broadcast Production: Looking to translate your radio spot or TV ad? ALTA provides full audio translation services, from native voice actors to production delivery. We can deliver clean audio or mixed files with music and sound effects. ALTA can also negotiate buy-out rights with talent.
  • Narration Production: For audio recordings that require a professional delivery, such as eLearning materials, audio manuals, in-flight entertainment, documentaries and more. All audio translations are timed to on-screen titles and activities.
  • Delayed Dubbing: Ideal for relaying news in different languages, interviews or client testimonials, the translated audio is delayed 1-2 seconds after the original audio file. The UN uses this type of voice-overs during their sessions.
  • IVR and Telephone Messaging: Voice mail recordings, phone greetings, marketing messages – all delivered for any type of phone system. We can also translate and record prompts used for IVR (interactive voice response) systems. Multilingual IVR phone systems can reduce the cost of hiring in-language phone operators and can help make routing calls more efficient. ALTA can review the IVR script to ensure the structure will work in the target language, translate the text, and provide fully finished voice files for immediate use.

  • Video Translation: We handpick native translators with voice-over experience in the industry of your project – online video content, infomercials, anime, movies, TV series, training videos, video games, etc. ALTA has extensive experience translating and dubbing videos used for e-Learning and corporate training videos.

Why hire a language agency for professional voice over?

If you need English or high-quality foreign language voice recording, hiring a language agency to do both the translation and voice over has immediate advantages. For example, we can ensure that the Spanish voice over talent we hire is appropriate for your target market, whether that's Puerto Rico, Latin America, Spain, or anywhere else. Spanish is spoken around the world, and there is a difference in both the Spanish language and the accent used in Latin American Spanish compared to Spanish spoken in Spain.

When it comes to the script, ALTA can translate your text with voice over in mind, making sure text growth is limited. This will ensure the translation will work for lip syncing and dubbing. If you've already translated the script, or it does not require translation, we can also review the text for any cultural issues or pitfalls to avoid potential miscommunications. Our process includes in-language QA to ensure there are no mistakes in pronunciation or issues with the target language accent.

About Our Voice-Over Artists

ALTA matches your project to the best talent in the world. We have access to a network of 1,500 professional native-speaking male and female voice-over artists to perfectly match the regional accent, and style for your project in 100+ languages. Do you have an age range, style, or tone in mind for your audio? We make it easy to work with our engineers in casting your talent, and we're happy to provide sample demos so you can ensure the voice over artist is right for your project.

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Why Choose ALTA for Your Voice-Over Projects?

Unlike most translation agencies, ALTA does not farm out voice work to a voice over agency. We have our own engineers, talent, and studio, and we handle the work in house. ALTA's voice work stands out because we pay attention to the small details that get lost in literal translation: culture-specific references, subtle nuances in style, the intended background of your target audience, and other details that can impact the final product. Our voice-over translation and dubbing are linguistically, culturally, and contextually accurate in your target language. We do not translate word for word, and we succeed in maintaining the integrity of the original content so that it sounds natural to your target audience.

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