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According to research, English language websites make up only a little more than half of content available on the web, and that percentage is shrinking every day. With the explosion of web content in other languages such as Spanish and Chinese, which are growing roughly five times faster than content produced in English, website translation services create a unique opportunity to tap into a market that is growing at an overwhelming pace. With English being the primary language for only 27% of web users, ALTA’s website translation services can offer your company the chance to tap into that remaining 73% of your global audience.

Why choose ALTA’s corporate website translation services?

The move to an overseas market can be complicated, but translating your site shouldn’t be. We have hundreds of linguists ready and able to translate your site into more than 100 languages. While automated or machine translation services may work for large volumes of content that do not reflect your company’s brand or image, such as discussion forums, the quality of this kind of output is subpar for professional websites. At ALTA, we can help you parse through your content to select high-traffic pages where quality is essential and assign them to human translators with the professional background and competencies to capture the style and language nuances of your content. We can also work directly with your source files or content management system export, so the translations we provide are readily available with only a few clicks.

Almost as important as who translates corporate websites is “how” the professional website translation is provided. Translating websites is a tedious and error-prone task when the right software isn’t used. The deletion of a single key character can ruin the functionality of your site. We use specialized software that will review your web content and separate translatable content from critical code that needs to remain in English. Our software hides tags during the translation process, ensuring that your code and markup remain untouched during the translation process. As an added benefit, our software also ensures you are only paying to translate the content you need, thereby lowering costs.

Why do I need professional website translation services for my site?

When it comes to translating your website into another language, you simply cannot be too careful. Maintaining your brand message while appealing equally to audiences across diverse and complex cultures is a balancing act. Assigning this service to automated software or an inexperienced company leaves you vulnerable to misunderstandings that can affect your relationship with your customer base, and ultimately, your bottom line. Website language translation requires an expert not only in a particular language, but also in the topic on which your site is based. We match your corporate website translation needs with the translator best-suited to meet those needs, ensuring your customers across cultures and across the globe receive the same information.

How can ALTA’s website translation service help my company internally?

Using a professional website translation service often means one of two things: increasing your international presence or addressing a large portion of your staff who primarily speak a language other than English. In some cases, internal documentation is translated across-the-board to ensure employees across the globe have what they need to succeed; in other cases, businesses operating in other countries, such as Canada, must translate this internal client to satisfy legal requirements. In either case, this means that internal documents, whether they are income statements, balance sheets, or business plans, need to be translated with care and expertise. Along with ALTA’s document translation services, our website translation services ensure that as your influence grows, your brand message and internal communication remains focused and unified.

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Translating your corporate website is about more than simply allowing readers of other languages to read your content – it is about engaging them. It is also about maintaining your corporate identity and culture with an international staff. We urge you to take a look at some of our past work, consider the international brand awareness of some of our past clients, and contact us today for a free quote.

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