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Why Choose Phone Interpreter Services?

Our live phone interpreters enable communication between individuals who don’t share a common language whether that be English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, or Arabic. Choosing telephonic interpreters is ideal for shorter assignments and for assignments that need interpretation for an extensive list of languages. By using ALTA’s over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) services, you’ll gain instant telephone access to more than 4,000 interpreters in more than 200 languages within seconds.

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How Does it Work?

After creating an account with ALTA, you’ll have around-the-clock access to our phone interpreters. We’ll connect you to experienced interpreters with the highest ratings in client satisfaction. If you do not wish to establish your own personalized OPI account, ALTA can still assist with your telephonic interpretation needs by providing you with interpreters over the phone, as needed – just give us a call at 404-920-3860.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation Packages

ALTA’s telephonic interpreters can benefit a variety of client requirements, as we offer three unique over-the-phone interpreting packages:

Monthly Membership

With this option, over-the-phone interpreting is charged only by the amount of minutes used, with a small monthly minimum. Unlike our competitors who begin charging as soon as the phone connects, we don’t start the clock until after you’ve identified what language you need, and the appropriate interpreter is successfully connected. Our OPI service is also extremely easy to use. Our average connect time for popular languages, like Spanish and Chinese, is less than 20 seconds. We guarantee all calls, on average, to be connected in less than one minute.

Pre-scheduled Telephone Call

If opening a monthly charge account is not practical for your company, ALTA can still meet your demands. This second package gives clients the opportunity to connect with the same highly skilled interpreters during our standard business hours, Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET. All that is required is a twenty-four hour notice, as well as the language, date, and time of service.

On-Demand Request

Once you’ve set up an account with ALTA, you’ll have instant access to interpreters in hundreds of languages. To set up an account or learn more about our on-demand interpreting services, call us at 404.920.3860 or email us at This package benefits those who may have been unaware of a language barrier, and/or need to communicate with a limited English speaker quickly. Please note: rush fees may apply.

Create Your OPI Account with ALTA

Starting an OPI account or prescheduling telephonic interpretation services is fast and easy. If you would like to test our service, please ask us to set up a free demo. You can email us at, call 404.920.3860, or complete the form on this page to learn more. Once your account is established, it only takes about a minute to be connected with an interpreter.

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Quality Certified Interpreters

ALTA interpreters are certified by nationally recognized organizations or have been tested by ALTA for language proficiency, interpreting skills, and the standards for ethical conduct. Furthermore, all our over-the-phone interpreters are industry certified, meaning we validate and verify credentialing for each interpreter. Mandatory verification includes 12 key areas such as: criminal history and background checks, ATA and National Council certifications, HIPAA regulations compliance and sign off, NDA sign off, English/Native language comprehension testing (interpreters must be competent in both), 120 hours of industry and cultural sensitivity training. Below are some more details on why our over-the-phone interpretation programs outweigh our competitors.

Unmatched Quality

  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Experienced professional interpreters
  • Rigorous screening requirements
  • Frequent quality checks

Exceptional Service

  • More than 200 languages
  • Easy access to phone interpreters
  • Quick phone connections
  • Always available – 24/7/365 (monthly membership package only)
  • High capacity
  • Great reporting and access to data

Great Value

  • Low rates; high quality and service
  • Pay only for minutes used, AFTER interpreter is on the line (monthly membership package only)
  • Dedicated account manager committed to your success

We’re proud to have provided services for:

  • Delta
  • American Red Cross
  • BB&T
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Walmart
  • American Express

Get Started with ALTA Today!

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Our goal is to facilitate communication with excellence and professionalism, while taking every practical step to protect the privacy of all involved. With more than 30 years of experience in providing language services, we know that your business comes with its own special set of linguistic needs, and we’re prepared to meet those needs immediately.

To learn how we can help you with our telephone, conference, or face-to-face interpreting services, please fill out our contact form above, or call us at 404.920.3860.

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