Interpretation Assessment

Interpretation—or orally conveying information from one language to another—requires much more than just being able to speak two languages. It is a complex method of communication requiring a high degree of accuracy and skill. Interpreters are charged with communicating information to and from the source and target languages without errors, omissions or additions while preserving the style and cultural elements of the original message.

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The Interpretation Assessment

ALTA offers an Interpretation Assessment in several contexts and language combinations. It requires the candidate to perform a consecutive interpretation between two speakers, and is scored on linguistic components as well as overall accuracy according to our protocol. As total fluency in the language pair is a basic requirement for interpretation, ALTA recommends first screening candidates in their non-native language using the Speaking and Listening Assessment.

How It Works & Pricing Information

ALTA’s Interpretation Assessment is conducted over the phone in a live format. Your candidate will be connected with two evaluators who will be the playing the roles of the speakers in the interpretation script, and who will score the candidate’s performance. To schedule an interpretation test, just contact ALTA’s Scheduling Department once your account has been set up, and you will be given a confirmation of the testing date and time along with the phone number for your candidate to call to be connected with his or her evaluators. Pricing for the Interpretation Assessment is $100 each.

Our Clients

ALTA provides testing for a diverse range of businesses, organizations, and government agencies. Take a look at our list of clients to see who uses ALTA as their trusted language-testing provider.

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