Foreign Language Transcription

ALTA offers both English and foreign-language transcription services to convert speech (both audio-only and video files) into written transcripts. Foreign language transcription can be a single-step process, requiring only the conversion of audio documents into written format, or it can be a multi-step process, followed by translation into one or more languages, as well as ancillary multimedia services such as subtitles, voice over, and layout.

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Foreign Language Transcription Services with ALTA

ALTA provides foreign language transcription services for legal, medical, and general business purposes. Examples of projects requiring transcription include:

  • Transcripts of court proceedings
  • Transcripts of phone calls, messages and other audio submitted as evidence in court proceedings
  • Physician-recorded medical notes (medical transcription)
  • Conference presentations or board meeting minutes
  • Transcripts of videos that need to be translated, subtitled and/or dubbed

In addition to the foreign language transcription, ALTA will prepare a notarized certification statement testifying that the translation is accurate and was prepared by an objective third party to satisfy legal prerequisites. We only employ foreign language transcribers who are native speakers. If you have a piece of audio or video currently in English, we can also help translate that content into more than 100 languages.

The length of time it takes to complete a foreign language transcription project varies based on the length of the audio. On average, transcription takes seven times as long as the original piece of content. So, a piece of audio twenty minutes long may take a foreign language transcriber a minimum of two hours and twenty minutes to complete. Of course, there are other variables to consider, such as the quality of the audio, speed at which the speaker talks, and the subject matter. We urge you to send us a sample of your audio before we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Foreign Language Transcription is Just the Beginning

Transcription is often just one step in a multi-step project, so we offer turnkey services to handle every part of your project. From translating your newly transcribed audio into another foreign language, providing voice over services, writing subtitles for your video, or creating onscreen graphics, we’re ready to provide you with any of our industry-leading language solutions.

Of course, our reputation speaks for itself. We encourage you to consider our list of past clients and take a look at samples of our past work before making your decision. To receive a quote for foreign language transcription services, or any of the other services, please contact us via our online form. For more general information, please browse our site or give us a call at 800.895.8210.

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    How to Get a Faster Estimate

    To facilitate a faster, more accurate estimate, please provide the following information in the "Notes" section of your request:

    • Target Languages/Specific Regions (if applicable)
    • Word Count (if files unavailable)
    • File Format (e.g. MS Office, Adobe, HTML/XML, Scanned Document, etc.)
    • Will you need Typesetting or Layout Services?
    • Subject Matter
    • Deadline

    For further assistance, please call us during business hours (9 AM to 6:00 PM ET) at 800.895.8210.

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