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Organizations and businesses of all kinds rely on ALTA’s high-quality proofreading, editing and translation services. Our translators have the skills, knowledge, and experience to offer a range of excellent services including multilingual translation and proofreading. Although proofreading is often one step in a multi-step process for document translation, we also offer proofreading as a separate service. Proofreading and editing services are both available, but are differentiated: proofreading is the review of one language (monolingual) for accuracy, spelling, grammar and style. Editing is the bilingual review of both source and target languages to check for the same issues, in addition to checking for mistranslations or omissions from the source text.

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We assign all of our multilingual translation and proofreading projects to human proofreaders. Some clients may assume this is a standard practice, but there are some foreign language translation companies that use translation software. Our years of experience in the translation business have taught us the importance of utilizing human translators to complete projects. Translation software can’t think about whether a portion of a letter may be misunderstood by a reader, and it won’t recognize jargon used in a particular industry. Our team of human translators offers thorough proofreading services that a client can depend on.

Our company recognizes the growing need for translation services and provides multilingual translation and foreign language writing for a variety of industries including business, medical, legal, advertising, human resources, web, and technical. Each of our translators has experience in a particular industry, making their translations more accurate and reliable.

In addition to offering the skills of translators working within a specific industry, our translators are familiar with professional documents. For example, a client who submits a Finnish legal document in the form of a patent will benefit from the skills of a professional Finnish translator. The translator will have experience dealing with patents, case summaries, briefs, and other documents found in the legal industry.

While some companies offer clients a limited number of foreign language options, we offer our clients services in more than 100 languages. We have a network of translators and editors from around the world who are talented in speaking, reading, and writing their languages. Some of the most popular languages we translate include Chinese, Arabic, German, and French. Clients are encouraged to view our languages translated page for a list of our language options.

Our multilingual proofreading services often require the utmost confidentiality. We know our clients expect us to keep their documents, personal correspondence, and business materials secure. Confidentiality is a top priority for all of the translators, project managers, and staff at ALTA, so we adhere strictly to the Safe Harbor Agreement.

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