Translating PDF Files

Translating PDF Files Professionally

Are you looking for an effective, efficient way to translate PDF documents? The Adobe PDF format has become the foremost global standard for secure transmission of sensitive business information that must preserve its sophisticated formatting. A PDF is a standard format used to display information that may have been created in proprietary programs such as InDesign, Quark, or Adobe Illustrator. A PDF language translator must be able to interact correctly with this prevalent format while ensuring that you get the value you expect from your translation. When you translate PDF documents, it can require several additional steps that not all translation firms are prepared to offer. Human translation services are critical to your success.

When working with PDF files, our first question is whether the source file for that PDF is available to us. For example, if the PDF was created in Adobe InDesign, we can work directly in InDesign to create a translated version of that document and prepare high-resolution PDFs in the target language(s).

If source files are not available, we have a variety of options at our disposal to facilitate PDF document translation. We use optical character recognition (OCR) tools to recreate the formatting of the original PDF. We can also design a new document to mimic the format of the source document. If you’re a business interested in any of these services contact us today.

Translating PDF Documents

PDF documents have rapidly become the gold standard for business communications. When you are developing a document with a precise layout, businesses will usually create a PDF. The PDF standard is highly secure and allows recipients of a document to see it and print it in exactly the same manner that the document’s creators envisioned. PDF documents are generally received in a non-editable format, making them more secure and less prone to tampering or simple human errors that might invalidate data carried in other formats. The world has embraced the Adobe PDF format, which means that the need to provide translated versions of PDFs has grown.

PDFs Translated Through ALTA Can Help Your Business

Unlike editable documents from Microsoft Word or other word processing software, PDF files give their readers a sense of stability and permanence. For the most part, users cannot edit, change, alter, or manipulate PDF documents, so it makes sense to use them when communicating across cultures. This format also allows you to retain the fonts chosen in the target language and facilitates the use of the document among users who may not own the software used to create it. At ALTA, we can provide specialized PDFs with customized settings in either high or low resolution. The respect and prestige you garner will be helpful in intercultural negotiation and communication. PDFs are capable of maintaining detailed formatting, and the correct formatting decisions can make your translated document much easier to understand by readers outside of your home culture.

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ALTA employs a large team of professional translators, and offers a wide selection of languages. We can translate your work into more than 100 different languages suitable for global business. Would you like to benefit from our linguistic and project management expertise? If so, call us today. You can reach us at 800.895.8210. You can fill out our website form for a free quote on our professional PDF translation services. We look forward to talking with you and helping with your PDF document translation needs.

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