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ALTA Language Services provides an array of professional Korean translation services in industries including medical, legal, software, marketing, and business. We believe the most important factor when translating a document for the Korean market is accuracy and cultural authenticity. ALTA’s quality management system is ISO Certified, which ensures we provide the highest quality Korean translation.

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Choose from one of ALTA’s professional Korean translation services below, or call 800.895.8210 to speak with a project manager. Quotes are always free. To keep translation costs affordable, we use cutting edge translation memory software. All of our translations are done by humans, but this specialized software ensures efficiency for your project.

A Korean Translation Agency with Subject Matter Experts

Our quality control system ensures your Korean translator is a native speaker who is an expert in his or her field. ALTA only works with professional translators for English to Korean translation and Korean to English translation services. Every Korean translator we work with is carefully screened by our team at ALTA. The result is professional quality document translation delivered on time and on budget for a wide array of markets.

  • Korean Translation for Business: We offer translations services for websites, business documents, and business cards. Clients including several Fortune 500 companies have trusted ALTA for more than 30 years.
  • Korean Translation for Sales and Marketing: Understanding your target audience is key for any successful marketing effort. South Korea’s culture is different than the United States, and simply translating text as-is may not be ideal. Unlike translation companies that simply translates text, we strive to do more. ALTA offers transcreation services to adapt the text to your target market. This service is a combination of translation and in-language content creation.
  • Korean Translation for Human Resources: Accurate and detailed translations for employee manuals, and culture sensitive documents to maintain company image. This includes handbooks, Codes of Conduct, policies, training material, and more.
  • Korean Legal Translation: Translation of legal documents are only conducted by experienced linguists with years of experience drafting high-quality Korean legal translations. We can also provide a certified, notarized copy of your Korean document for legal purposes. Certification is available at no extra cost.
  • Korean Technical Translation: Language translation demands more than a knowledge of two languages. Technical manuals, for example, often contain complex terms that the average reader may not know. For this reason, we pair your project to a Korean translator who has real-world experience in that field.

Why Choose ALTA Language Services For Your Korean Translation?

  • Professional, Certified Korean Translators: Korean writing translation involves more than just fluency. We only rely on highly-skilled professional translators with the proper experience.
  • Project Management Services: Every translation will be handled by an experienced Project Manager. Your PM will walk you through the translation process, costs, and any questions you have. Your project will get the personalized service it requires, each and every time.
  • Repetitive Text and Discounted Prices: If your documents contain a lot of repetitive text, we’ll make use of the translation memory tools. These tools scan your text for repetition and provide a discount based on that repetition.
  • A Wide Range of File Formats. : We use high-quality translation tools to translate various files and formats. These files include: Microsoft Office documents, websites, InDesign files, and more. We’ll return them to you in the same format we received them. ALTA also offers desktop publishing services to lay out documents in the Korean language.
  • Free Quotes: You can submit your request through the free quote form above. We’ll get back to you today with an estimate.

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Let us help you define the most affordable and efficient way to complete your Korean translation project. Fill out the free quote form below, or contact us at 800.895.8210.

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