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Language barriers can negatively affect most businesses, associations, or organizations. This is particularly true regarding hospitals, medical offices, or any type of company in the medical industry. When it comes to foreign languages in the healthcare industry, failure to understand instructions may lead to serious injury, harm, or even death. At ALTA Language Services, we provide top-quality medical document translation. Our medical translations are designed to aid medical professionals in providing the best possible healthcare services.

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When in need of document translation services, medical-related businesses must choose carefully. Some companies use non-human translators for the purpose of medical translation, and they provide less accurate, unreliable documents unsuitable for patient safety. At ALTA Language Services, our medical translation service is performed only by professional human translators. Our expert linguists translate medical documents such as records, prescriptions, hospital forms, and patient information.

When hiring an agency to translate your medical documents, you should ensure that they employ native speakers highly knowledgeable in medical terminology and abbreviations. As part of our ISO-Certified Quality Management System, ALTA classifies documents based on subject matter, and we will categorize your text as either “Medical” or “Medical Light.” Documents deemed “medical light” are often patient-facing and contain light medical terminology or references that will require additional research and care, but are not highly technical. Documents deemed “Medical,” however, may only be translated by translators with a specialized medical background and education. This is crucial for the accuracy of your medical document translation. When using our medical translation services, rest assured that we provide translations in the languages you need. Our pool of experts is capable of translating more than 100 languages.

From prescriptions, charts, to informed consents, we are capable of providing you with a translator who takes pride in accuracy and can be trusted to adhere to all confidentiality and privacy laws. Our medical translators understand the nuances of the medical field and the terminology used. Browse our website to see what additional services we have to offer and please contact us today for more specific information about our services. After filling out an online form, in less than 2 business hours you will receive a free medical translation service estimate.

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