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Professional Translation for Sales and Marketing

The translation of sales, marketing and advertising materials is often referred to as adaptation. Just as your sales and advertising materials were written and created by marketing and copywriting specialists, the same degree of expertise and cultural sensitivity is required for successfully translating marketing materials into other languages. With ALTA’s advertising and marketing translation services, you can be sure that your copy is successfully translated into foreign languages, and that it is effective, professional, and contains all the nuances that your original copy held. In the translation process, your marketing collateral will be “adapted,” not only to the target language, but also to the cultural characteristics specific to the particular target market. This process is referred to as “localization.” These language solutions are the answer to a company looking to expand their market through ad translation.

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    Five Reasons to Choose ALTA

    Expert Translators with industry-specific skills

    Many marketing translation companies use translators who lack the sufficient experience or writing skill to craft text that maintains the flair of the original English, which often produces results that range from mediocre to truly disastrous. We won’t let this happen to you. Our experts are extremely skilled at translation. Marketing is an important part of your business’ success, so we only hire translators who can be trusted with your ad translation.

    Copy that is adapted with the target culture in mind

    ALTA uses a resource-driven approach to meet your specialized advertising and marketing translation service needs, with a focus on the talent involved in handling the project. We only use linguists with an established track record in crafting copywriting that has the highest degree of style and cultural sensitivity. Their skills can be applied to regular ad translation, or you can request specialized projects like brochure translation services. Our talent excels at marketing. Translation is just one of their skills, and it can help move your company to the next level.

    Rigorous screening of the source text

    The successful localization of your materials also involves a thorough screening of your English source text for items that may be difficult, if not impossible, to convey successfully in another language. Puns and other creative word plays are especially problematic, and may not translate well. Our language service staff will do what they can to preserve the original message of your ads. At ALTA, we take pride in providing advertising and marketing translation services that serve your business exactly how you want and expect.

    ALTA always goes Beyond Words® to analyze slogans and logos

    At the outset of a localization project, our team performs a thorough analysis prior to beginning the translation process, at which point any problematic issues are brought to the client’s attention. These issues range from a company slogan that presents difficulties in translating accurately to photographs in a brochure that may need to be replaced. Clear language is part of successful marketing. Translation is paramount in effective ad campaigns, so we’ll tell you when your slogan may need to be changed. Our brochure translation services will make sure that your brochures are modified to appeal to your target market.

    Experience and Resources

    ALTA also has the resources necessary to accommodate even the most aggressive turnarounds in order to meet the client’s scheduling needs. Our advertising translation services can be delivered quickly with just as much skill as they would have been, had they been delivered on a normal deadline. We know that you may need fast work on translation. Marketing is about connecting with your target demographic at the right time, so we’re happy to help.

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